Dice Towers Available to Customize

These towers are available to be customized and 3D printed. Send me an email at ntx3dprint@gmail.com to discuss options. Towers can be printed in the form of Dice Towers, Coin Banks, Decorations, and Ornaments. Customization includes color and size.

NOTE: The printed and delivered models will not be painted. They will be in ONE color of your choice. I suggest that if you are going to the paint the object, it is printed in gray, white or black plastic.


Wizard Tower


Fighter Tower


Barbarian Tower


Rogue Tower






Druid Tower


Paladin Tower


Warlock Tower


Monk Tower


Bard Tower


Sorcerer Tower


Artificier Tower


Dragon Master Tower


WeisHickman Tower


Kraken Tower


Clockwork Monster Tower

Phoenix Tower


Vampire Tower


Tiamat Tower


Valkyrie Tower


Catfolk Tower 


Warlock Tower 


Centaur Tower


DragonBorn Tower


Skeletal Tower


Mimic Tower


Necromancer Tower


Goblin Tower


Eladrin Tower


Drow Tower


Warforged Tower


Merchant Tower


Octopunk Tower


Mayan Pyramid Tower


 Crystal Tower


Cthulhu Tower



Pagoda Tower


Obelisk Tower

Cybercity Tower




Haunted House Tower


Starfinder Tower


Sinking Pirate Ship Tower



 Heaven and Hell Tower


Temple of Ra Tower


Battle Mech Tower


Plague Doctor Tower


Moon Worm Tower


Ghost Town Tower




Dark Tower


Pharaoh Skull Tower


Cathedral Tower


Guardian Tower


Skull Trophy Tower


Dwarf Bastion Tower


Xeno Tower


Druids Tower


Industrial Factory Tower


Townhouse Tower


Hot Air Balloon Tower


Cthulhu's Cave Tower


The Dragon's Lair Tower


Statue of the Gods Tower


Wild Bastion Tower


Oriental Tower