Dice Jails and Holders Available to Customize

These Dice Accessories are available to be customized and 3D printed. Send me an email at ntx3dprint@gmail.com to discuss options. Customization includes color and size.

NOTE: The printed and delivered models will not be painted. They will be in ONE color of your choice. I suggest that if you are going to the paint the object, it is printed in gray, white or black plastic.

Dice Jails and Holders

Crate Dice Holder

Stone Dice Jail


Gelationous Cube Dice Holder


Mimic Dice Jail


Dunce Chair Dice Holder


Dice Vault


Dice Bag


Altar Dice Holder


Mimic Box (lid opens & closes)


Dragon Hoard Dice Box


OctoTank Dice Box


Alien Pod Dice Box


 Outhouse Dice Jail - bad dice go in the crapper


Escape Pod Dice Box